Hidde van Kersen has worked on sustainability issues for over 20 years, in multinational companies, as a consultant and with nature conservation NGOs. He brings a unique combination of strategic thinking and sustainability expertise. As global sustainability director for palm oil giant IOI Loders Croklaan, he developed the company’s policies on responsible sourcing, traceability and CSR. At the same time he served as member of the board of the RSPO, the global Round table for Sustainable Palm Oil, responsible for all “Trade & Traceability” matters.A nature conservationist at heart, he was an effective ambassador for the Wadden Sea as the executive director of the Waddenvereniging. He was instrumental in a number of policy deals that fundamentally changed the rules for gas production and fisheries in Europe’s largest tidal wetlands area.

Bridging the interests of planet and profit is his main driver.
“Business is part of the solution, but companies need to learn how.
NGO’s can help them, but they seldom know how to work together effectively.
I know both worlds from the inside.”

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